The New Masters is a documentary film about Kungfu, mixed martial arts (MMA), and the people who practice and live by these arts. Kungfu is one of the world’s oldest and most storied combat styles, while MMA is the world’s fastest growing combat sport. The two meet in the gyms and rings of China’s cities, and an entire martial legacy is changed by this interaction of the old and the new. We focus on Chinese MMA fighters, the first of their kind in the modern understanding of MMA, and tell the story of a changing martial landscape, of hard fights and soft power, and of young men and women chasing their dreams through martial arts.

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The first stage of the film has been successfully funded via our Kickstarter campaign, which means we can get into the field and make a movie, which is what this is all about. We have a good year of filming ahead of us, and we'll be posting updates in this space as time goes on. Stay tuned here, or check out our Facebook page (linked below!) for more information.

We have made a list of our Kickstarter supporters below, go see if your name is there, and if it's not, let us know right away!

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